MCAT Landing Pages
Kaplan Test Prep

The goal

Our creative brief was to create a series of successful landing pages which would in turn generate more leads and convert more users. My first step on that project was research, I wanted to know what makes a landing page successful, and where can I get more information about our users.

First Step

I decided to reach out to our data analysis and web optimization team to get more information about the user purchase journey, demographics, and usual behavior. After the first meeting and discussion, I was only somewhat satisfied and still hungry for more information.

As a designer, my understanding of data is much better when I can see it in a visual graphic form, so from very fragmented excel spreadsheets I created a user purchase journey map.

Second Step

In the second step, I decided to move from sticky notes to something cleaner and more readable for the stakeholders. I created site flow that shows the connection between the landing pages and user journey on the actual page.

Third Step

In the third step, I took a stab at lo-fi wireframing, using information and suggestions gathered before. After several rounds of bouncing back and forth between Marketing, Data Analysis, and SEO team, below you can see the result of our multiple meetings and iterations.

Final Report

We created a better promotional experience of the multiple types of landing pages as evidenced by a significant lift of 21% surpassing controls.